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Anthony Adams is a nine-year NFL veteran who currently finds himself with some time on his hands. Like a lot of free agents this time of year, he really, really just wants the phone to ring.

It hasn’t. Not one to waste time, though, he made this video, “Stuff NFL Free Agents Say,” resurrecting an internet meme that had been mercilessly beaten into the ground. His is wonderful.

I imagine Plaxico Burress’s video would be most similar to the crying shower scenes. I also very much appreciate someone being honest about what it means that they’re in “the best shape of their life.”

I don’t know if this will help Adams get a football job — in fact, I’d guess that overly-conservative GMs would find a way to turn this into a reason not to hire him — but I sure did appreciate it. If no one’s looking for a veteran defensive tackle, how about a call from Fox, CBS or ESPN?